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Drizzt3405 10-31-11 11:45 AM

Can't download nUI+ v.5.07.21
Ok, took some time off from wow and during this hiatus, nUI went and got a new website and I had to re-register for this. (did this about 30 mins ago) Trying to download nUI+ v.5.07.21 on wowinterface and I keep getting a message that I'm not logged in or don't have permission to download this. I've checked my groups status and I'm still listed as a member of "nUI+ User Group" and "nUI+ download access for newsletter subscribers" so my question is do I need to leave these groups and reapply for them to download the addon?

Narz 10-31-11 12:31 PM

had same problem
Had the same problem, then i remembered i added it to my favorites. Downloaded it from website makes it real hard to find imo.

Drizzt3405 10-31-11 12:44 PM

I'm not having an issue finding the addon on wowinterface to try and download it. I've got it on another tab atm, but when i click the download button, then I get the "you have to login or register" or "you may not have permission to download this" message. Since I just had to re-do my account for the new nUI website, i'm wondering if my permissions need to also be reset even if I am still a member of the group on wowinterface???

Xrystal 10-31-11 02:00 PM

Yeah I think that if you change your log in with the site your access to the wowinterface nUI+ page has to be reapplied similarly but I think only scott can do that and Im not sure when in November he is due back. does your old log in on here still work fine?

Drizzt3405 10-31-11 04:13 PM

sry for the late reply was messing around on wow with a temporary addon fix...yes I can still log onto wowinterface, that account never was deleted or changed...just the old account i had with Scott before he changed to his new website; this has been deleted on his end I assume and I now have a new account for the new website just started today...hence my trying to get the latest nUI+ :D

Xrystal 10-31-11 04:21 PM

Hmm, could you ever download nUI+ from wowinterface? As far as I know it is still the only place you can download it unless you sign up for emailing of the updates. I opted for the download when I need option and my login on here has never changed but my login name and email on the nUIaddon site is the same as the one here so it tallies.

When you look at your account on this site does it show you as having nUI+ user group membership ?

nUI+ User Group: nUI+ download access for newsletter subscribers

If not then that could be your problem and you may have to wait until Scott gets back online.

Drizzt3405 10-31-11 06:55 PM

yes I have both those on my group list. I just can't get the download to happen.

Drizzt3405 10-31-11 07:04 PM

I think I may have found the issue. While I was able to set up a new account on the new website, my status there when I "View My Upline" (whatever that means) is showing me as "inactive" so while i was able to create the account again, it appears I will have to wait for Scott to get back to actually get my account fully active to be able to download nUI+ again....No big, I've got a workaround going for now so I can wait til I'm back to active status again :)

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