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Cairenn 03-27-06 08:05 PM

API Changes for 1.10
Here is Iriel's collection of the API changes for 1.10, based on the 0.10.0-5195 test realm build. As always it's expected that you read this thread in conjunction with the 1.10 Changes thread. (Originally posted here.)

Frame Method Changes (INCOMPLETE!)

* All UI Object shave the following NEW methods
objType = LayoutFrame:GetObjectType() - Return the object type for this object (Similar to Frame:GetFrameType() but supports all UI object types)
isType = LayoutFrame:IsObjectType("Type") - Return if the object is of the specified type (Similar to Frame:IsFrameType("Type") but supports all UI object types)

* New Font object with the following methods:
Font:CopyFontObject(otherFont) - Set this Font's attributes to be a copy of the otherFont font object's.
Font:GetAlpha() - Return this font's alpha setting.
Font:GetFont() - Return the font file, height, and flags for this Font.
Font:GetFontObject() - Return the 'parent' Font object, or nil if none.
Font:GetJustifyH() - Return Font's horizontal justification.
Font:GetJustifyV() - Return Font's vertical justification.
Font:GetName() - Return the name of the Font object.
Font:GetShadowColor() - Returns the color of this Font's shadow (r,g,b,a).
Font:GetShadowOffset() - Returns the Font's shadow offset (x,y).
Font:GetSpacing() - Returns the Font's spacing().
Font:GetTextColor() - Returns the Font's color (r,g,b,a)
Font:SetAlpha(alpha) - Set the Font's alpha value.
Font:SetFont("path", height[, "flags"]) - Sets the font to use, returns 1 if the path was valid, nil otherwise (no change occurs).
Font:SetFontObject(fontObject) - Sets the 'parent' Font object.
Font:SetJustifyH("justifyH") - Sets horizontal justification ("LEFT","RIGHT", or "CENTER")
Font:SetJustifyV("justifyV") - Sets vertical justification ("TOP","BOTTOM", or "MIDDLE")
Font:SetShadowColor(r,g,b,a) - Sets the shadow color.
Font:SetShadowOffset(x,y) - Sets the shadow offset.
Font:SetSpacing(spacing) - Sets the font spacing.
Font:SetTextColor(r,g,b,a) - Sets the font's color.

* All LayoutFrames have these NEW methods:
numPoints = LayoutFrame:GetNumPoints() - Return the number of anchor points for the frame.
point, relativeTo, relativePoint, xofs, yofs = LayoutFrame:GetPoint(index) - Return the details of the specified anchor point.

* The following methods moved to be supported by all layout frames:
bottom = LayoutFrame:GetBottom() - Get the bottom edge of the frame.
x,y = LayoutFrame:GetCenter() - Get the center coordinate of the frame.
left = LayoutFrame:GetLeft() - Get the left edge of the frame.
right = LayoutFrame:GetRight() - Get the right edge of the frame.
top = LayoutFrame:GetTop() - Get the top edge of the frame.
parent = LayoutFrame:GetParent() - Get the parent for this frame.
LayoutFrame:SetParent(parent or "parentName") - Set the parent for this frame.
alpha = LayoutFrame:GetAlpha() - Get the alpha level of this frame.
LayoutFrame:SetAllPoints(frame or "frameName") - Set all anchors on this frame to match specified frame's edges.

* All Regions (Texture, FontString) have these NEW methods
layer = Region:GetDrawLayer() - Get the draw layer for the Region.
Region:SetDrawLayer("layer") - Set the draw layer for the Region.

* Frames (and derivatives) have these NEW methods:
fontString = Frame:CreateFontString(["name"[, "layer"]]) - Create a new FontString as a child of this Frame.
texture = Frame:Texture(["name"[, "layer"]]) - Create a new Texture as a child of this Frame.
numRegions = Frame:GetNumRegions() - Return the number of Regions that are children of this frame.
a,b,c,d,... = Frame:GetRegions() - Return the regions of the frame.

* FontString now includes the following methods (see Font changes for details): GetAlpha, GetFontObject, GetJustifyH, GetJustifyV, GetShadowColor, GetShadowOffset, GetSpacing, SetFontObject, SetShadowColor, SetShadowOffset, SetSpacing

* Button has these NEW methods
font = Button:GetFontObject() - Return the font object for the Button's normal text.
font = Button:GetDisabledFontObject() - Return the font object for the Button when disabled.
font = Button:GetHighlightFontObject() - Return the font object for the Button when highlighted.
Button:SetTextFontObject([font]) - Set the font object from which to get settings for this Button's normal state.
Button:SetDisabledFontObject([font]) - Set the font object for settings when disabled.
Button:SetHighlightFontObject([font]) - Set the font object for settings when highlighted.
Also the SetNormalTexture, SetDisabledTexture, SetPushedTexture, and SetHighlightTexture methods now take either a texture file path, or a Texture object.

(This section isn't yet complete, because it's taking me ages to write up all of the changes, i'll be back!)

Cairenn 03-27-06 08:06 PM

Movement API Changes
The following methods have been protected, so they can only be called from signed (i.e. blizzard) code:
* CameraOrSelectOrMoveStart()
* CameraOrSelectOrMoveStop()
* MoveBackwardStart()
* MoveBackwardStop()
* MoveForwardStart()
* MoveForwardStop()
* StrafeLeftStart()
* StrafeLeftStop()
* StrafeRightStart()
* StrafeRightStop()
* TurnLeftStart()
* TurnLeftStop()
* TurnOrActionStart()
* TurnOrActionStop()
* TurnRightStart()
* TurnRightStop()

Frame API Changes
* NEW - font - CreateFont ("name") - Create a new Font object.
* NEW - frame = CreateFrame("type"[,"name"][,parent]) - Create a new Frame.
* NEW - nextFrame = EnumerateFrames([curFrame]) - Function to iterate over all Frames (call with nil arg for first frame)
* NEW - count = GetNumFrames() - Returns the number of existing frames.

Taxi API Changes
* NEW - numHops = GetNumRoutes(index) - Returns the number of hops from current location to the specified taxi node.
* NEW - x =TaxiGetDestX(nodeIndex,hopIndex) - Returns x position of route destination (0-1).
* NEW - y =TaxiGetDestY(nodeIndex,hopIndex) - Returns y position of route destination (0-1).
* NEW - x =TaxiGetSrcX(nodeIndex,hopIndex) - Returns x position of route source (0-1)
* NEW - y =TaxiGetSrcY(nodeIndex,hopIndex) - Returns y position of route source (0-1).
* NEW - TaxiNodeSetCurrent(index) - Set currently highlighted destination node.

Faction API Changes
* NEW - index = GetSelectedFaction() - Returns the currently selected faction from the faction UI.
* NEW - name, index, min, max, current = GetWatchedFactionInfo() - Returns the selected faction (For display as XP bar)
* NEW - IsFactionInactive(index) - Returns whether faction is marked as inactive.
* NEW - SetFactionActive(index) - Set a faction to active.
* NEW - SetFactionInactive(index) - Set a faction to inactive.
* NEW - SetSelectedFaction(index) - Set the currently selected faction.
* NEW - SetWatchedFactionIndex(index) - Set the currently watched faction (index == 0 to cancel).

Mouselook Support
* NEW - isLooking = IsMouselooking() - Return whether mouselook is active.
* NEW - MouselookStart() - Start using mouselook.
* NEW -MouselookStop() - Stop using mouselook.

Other API Enhancements
* UPDATED - CastSpellByName (name [, onSelf]) - Now has onSelf parameter
* NEW - version, build, buildDate = GetBuildInfo() - NEW function to return current WoW client build.
* UPDATED - rate1,rate2,... = GetRefreshRates() - No longer requires a parameter.
* NEW - function. err = loadstring("functionBody") - Lua API loadstring function.
* NEW - errfunc = geterrorhandler() - Return the current Lua error handler.
* NEW - seterrorhandler(errfunc) - Set the current Lua error handler (Function takes one 'message' argument).

REMOVED Functions
* REMOVED SplitMoney("value")

Undocumented API Changes
* NEW - GetMinigameState() - Seems to return multiple values related to current minigame.
* NEW - hasRelic = UnitHasRelicSlot("unit") - Return whether the specified unit has a relic inventory slot.

Last Updated - 2006-03-25 4:40pm (PST)

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