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AznNoProblem 11-15-11 03:04 AM

Azn UI - Completed
After introduced to this addon by Unlimit, I was very interested to make just a general UI that had the basics, and a little more.

As I get more acquainted with the addon, I'll add more as I go.
Everything in this UI is created from scratch, excluding deadly boss mods and Quartz (casting bars).
I currently have my casting bars that I used -Disabled- because I didn't have them ready for this alt run when I was frapsing.

I'll try to post another vid later after I finish everything I want and it's picture perfect =] But for now, it's only like 75% done.

Completed version:

unlimit 11-15-11 03:29 PM

Glad to see you're enjoying it Azn!

AznNoProblem 09-05-12 03:16 PM

The UI I used for oh so long until lol5.0

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