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heffy 11-22-11 10:13 PM

HUD stopped working!
Help, please! My HUD just stopped working. I didn't change anything. I logged on to other toons and it flashed for a half a second and then nothing.

Xrystal 11-23-11 01:26 AM

are you sure you didn't press a little red button at the top of the screen ? Just in case you did without realising see if it is now saying No Hud. if it does just click on it until it goes back to the way you want.

If that isn't the case please attach a screenshot of what it looks like now.

heffy 11-23-11 05:09 AM

That was it, somehow it got pressed. I don't know how, since it is hidden behind InfoPanel, but it did. Thanks for the quick response.

unknowndead 01-03-12 02:17 PM

i feal like a tard and clicked it and had no idea what happened. :banana:

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