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Daveo77 11-29-11 11:49 AM

nUI & Patch 4.3

I know that Patch 4.3 is going live on the EU servers tomorrow, and has gone live on the US servers today.

Will nUI work with 4.3 (once I have re-ticked 'Load out of date addons'), or do I need to wait for a fix or update. I'm using nUI 5.07.21.

awesomsauce 11-29-11 01:18 PM

I have been able to log in with only up to date addons. It keeps timing out on me trying to load out of date addons.

Nonxistent 11-29-11 01:22 PM

at this point myself neither nUI Pro or nUI6 Alpha seem to work with the 4.3 patch. IF you are able to get past the load screen while having nUI loaded, it will not be functional when you get into the game, blizzards default UI loads instead. Haven't heard much from nUI lately so I think the author has been pretty busy. Not sure when we can expect a fix to this.

whereswaldo 11-29-11 01:33 PM

Not sure what is causing your problem, but I just logged into 3 of my toons and the latest nUI loaded fine on all 3. The only errors that shoed up in buggrabber were Carbonite and Smartbuff.

Seer 11-29-11 02:19 PM

Haven't played for some weeks myself, but you may find a fix in this thread

That is however a fix that worked during the early 4.3 ptr so may not be relevant at all for the release version or whatever might be causing problems.

If that fix doesn't work then posting the lua errors would help immensely. Try to install bug grabbing addons for that.

Belechannas 11-29-11 03:04 PM

I manually applied the fix to divide by zero in UnitPower.

Not getting lua errors, but the cooldown indicators on buttons don't seem to be working correctly in nUI5.

For example, if I cast Healing Rain, the button grays out, and the cooldown pie wedge sweeps around the button as it should, but the text c/d timer overlay on the button doesn't appear until there are only 0.2 seconds left on the c/d.

This could well be another divide by zero issue. Investigating...

Xrystal 11-29-11 03:19 PM

I still have the old 4.3 patch fix code I had working on the test center but when I was testing it back then I wasn't looking at anything other than specific errors so will have a look at that sort of stuff .. Healing Rain is shammy right ? Just got mine to 85 so should have that spell somewhere if not on the tool bar rofl .. will jump on a few toons tonight and check things out.

Some things I won't be able to test out properly as I don't play wow as intensively as I used to so if you can get any error messages that would be a boost to me trying to resolve the problem sooner rather than later.

Belechannas 11-29-11 03:52 PM

Healing Rain is shammy, but I suspect it is a problem with any cooldown timer. I just used HR because it doesn't require a target and has a moderate cooldown (10 seconds) which is long enough to see the timer, but short enough that I can use it at will.

Xrystal 11-29-11 03:53 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Okay, here goes.... :

For those that aren't comfortable making code changes themselves here are the files that I have had to change while playing on the 4.3 beta a whiles back. There may be more errors when hitting live but I will try and catch what I can see.

nUI 5 only problem ( so far ) - divide by zero when mousing over other players/npcs (possibly). Scott looks to have thought ahead and sensibly included a check for zero values in nUI 6.

Copy the nUI_UnitPower.lua file attached to \Interface\AddOns\nUI\Units\ folder.

nUI 6 only problem ( so far ) - attempt to index global 'LFDSearchStatus' (a nil value) error when searching for a group due to their changing the name. If nUI 5 has this somewhere it is not in the same file so it will take a while for me to identify it unless someone finds it by jumping into a dungeon and getting the error rofl.

Copy the Minimap.lua file attached to \Interface\AddOns\nUI6\Integration\ folder.

The french have also pointed out that, if my translation is right, the heroic flag isn't showing. This might also be resolved by the above if it is the same object. If someone could confirm that that is what they meant it would be great otherwise it would be another thing to look into over the next few days.

Be warned that I am usually not around Friday through to Monday for in game stuff but may be able to incorporate some blind fixes to keep people going.

Please note that unless you change the TOC value to 40300 I believe then you will need to tick the load out of date addons box.

I would also suggest that you try the game without any other addons initially to make sure that they aren't bringing up errors that aren't necessarily nUI's fault, although it may be a compatibility problem new to the patch, but lets get nUI working on its own before we start worrying about that stuff :D

Belechannas 11-29-11 04:10 PM

Still investigating the c/d timer weirdness.

The cooldown is shown correctly on the c/d bar in the HuD. So I don't think it's related to not knowing the correct values.

I went to the test dummy and tested the Enh Shammy ability Lava Lash.

The first time I use Lava Lash after logging in, the cooldown timer is displayed correctly on the button. After that, no c/d timer text at all. And reloading the UI doesn't fix the problem, only logging out of the game and back in (in which case it again works once and then never again).

Xrystal 11-29-11 04:22 PM


Originally Posted by Belechannas (Post 248046)
Healing Rain is shammy, but I suspect it is a problem with any cooldown timer. I just used HR because it doesn't require a target and has a moderate cooldown (10 seconds) which is long enough to see the timer, but short enough that I can use it at will.

Okay, I think I'll be toon jumping a bit as I am sure some cooldowns were working fine on the buttons but I can definitely see at least 3 cooldowns for shammy not showing. Healing Rain, Riptide and the flame spell ( grr forgot its name already haha). They appear in the nUI cooldown hud section but not on the buttons .. could be a button secure problem but not sure.

Seer 11-29-11 04:35 PM

For those in the Eu, the 4.3 PTR is still up. You might want to try and see what addons work or not before raid time tomorrow.

/edit.. then again, I just got thrown off :-s

Belechannas 11-29-11 06:16 PM

Re: cooldown problem

It looks like the hook to CooldownFrame_SetTimer in nUI_Button is only getting called the first time Lava Lash is used. After that, it never gets called again (even though the default UI c/d spinner on Lava Lash seems to be working), and hence the c/d timer code for Lava Lash never gets called after that.

Another example of oddness is Shamanistic Rage. This has a 15 second duration and a 60 second c/d. CooldownFrame_SetTimer is not called until the 15s duration is over. But the cooldown shadow on the button starts immediately.

It looks like Blizz may have changed the way they call CooldownFrame_SetTimer, or they may be calling something else, or the same function with a different signature, at some times.

Xrystal 11-29-11 06:30 PM

Yeah I'm finding some inconsistencies ..

Testing on my Mage for example after a minor change to see if it helps ( which it did somewhat) :

Invisibility: 3 min cooldown, text ( with my slight change almost immediately otherwise delayed )
Summon Water Elemental : 3 min cooldown .. same as invisibility
Ring of Frost : 2 min cooldown .. same as invisibility
Blink : 15 sec cooldown .. same as invisibility
Evocation : 4 min cooldown .. same as Invisibility
Every Man for Himself : 2 min cooldown .. same as invisibility

Ones not working:
Mage Ward : 30 sec cooldown, no text
Frostfire Orb : 1 min cooldown .. same as Mage Ward
Portals and Teleports : 1 min cooldown .. same as Mage Ward
Ice Barrier : 24 sec cooldown .. same as Mage Ward

Checked GCD status as that stops text displaying ... hmm interesting...
Duration for Ice Barrier is showing as 1.372 despite the tooltip showing it was at 23 sec exactly the same with Mage Ward ..

Now to check the ones that work ...
Ah, they have the same GCD test but then it triggers another test and passes ..

Belechannas 11-29-11 06:57 PM

Found this, it seems to be related:

Still digesting what it means.

Edit: It looks like they've basically invalidated the logic nUI uses for dealing with cooldowns, because the lua function nUI is hooking is sometimes bypassed by the C-code.

If I understand the above link (especially post #5), nUI will need to register for and handle the event ACTIONBAR_UPDATE_COOLDOWN, rather than hooking CooldownFrame_SetTimer.

Xrystal 11-29-11 07:05 PM

Hmm sounds like either a new button system for cooldowns ...

My mageportals addon works for cooldowns so the actual function to return duration etc works fine .. just can't find where scott gets his values from in nUI.

Edit: well looks like somewhere in nUI Scott will need to set up

SetActionUIButton(checkboxframe, actionSlot, cooldownframe);

Will have to hunt down source code for the api so I can make sense of it but too late now .. already 1am here.

Belechannas 11-29-11 07:24 PM

OmniCC is bitten by this change much like nUI, and the author seems to have figured out how to make it work:

Xrystal 11-29-11 07:35 PM

Thanks, I'll look at it tomorrow after work ..

Thankfully I never relied on blizz to update my cooldowns on the mage portal addon so it works like normal rofl .. how lucky is that :D So instead of having to fix my addon and nUI I only have to figure out nUI ..

Nothing worse than trying to fathom out someone elses code rofl... It may take a while haha

gingles 11-29-11 07:44 PM

So, is there a fix so I can play WoW with 4.3? I log in and it says nui is out of date. im runing the latest of nui5, or i think it is the latest...5.07.21....i just want to kill some horde please

Xrystal 11-29-11 08:47 PM

Have you read this thread yet ?

Until Scott comes back all we can do is patch it through the forums like I have been doing as I do not have permission to upload a fix patch to the addon page itself.

I was in 4.3 for hours tonight without it crashing out. The two fixes I mentioned in this thread will stop it from crashing on both nUI5 and nUI6. 1 fixed file each. You will still have to check the load outdated addons unless you change the nUI.toc file to say 40300 instead of 40200.

If you are still having problems and are using other addons you will have to turn off the other addons and try nUI on its own. Whether there are any dungeon/instance/raid related problems I won't know until people report it as I don't run those at the moment.

Perhaps you can turn on error reporting in wow and post a copy of the error message you have. It may well have been fixed already in this thread.

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