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Alianka 12-02-11 03:27 PM

Unable to change textures and its settings
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As Narinka pointed out it would be good to make a new thread for this issue.

As seen on attached screenshot, solid colour status bar is shown on preview, but not in reality.

Also in the texture pick up menu with the preview where i change textures, colour transform, blend options and so on, i cannot change my texture to solid nor any of the options there.

Example: If i make a new texture without any settings, texture dont show. But if i make texture with etc pfh fraction variable setting it shows in reality.

Example 2: I have a texture and i change any of the settings etc gradient. In preview its ok, but in reality not.

It looks like the texture responsible for solid is not installed, altho its shown in preview as well as the texture settings is bugged in some way.


sigg 12-05-11 03:04 PM

A fix is available in github
There is a new checkbox in the status bar feature : Not Use color.

Check the box if you want to use gradient.


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