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strikerboy414 12-05-11 02:06 AM

Target of Target window does not recognize "dead" set.
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I am trying to add to all my unitframes a red "X" texture if the unit is dead, and a grey "X" texture if the unit is offline. This is working for all my unitframes EXCEPT for my target of target window, which for some reason does not bring up the red "X" texture upon death (I have not been able to test the offline texture).

I have isolated all other factors to determine it is something wrong with the target of target functionality; I duplicated the design as a target window (instead of target of target) and it works normally, so the problem isn't in the design. Am I missing something?

Attached is my recovery file. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

strikerboy414 12-05-11 04:58 PM

Some more info in case I was too vague...

Here are two windows using the SAME design. The top one is Target of Target. The bottom one is Target. As you can see, the red "X" does not show up on the Target of Target window even though the unit is dead. Why?

unlimit 12-05-11 05:24 PM

Tested, I can confirm this bug.

strikerboy414 12-05-11 05:43 PM

Interesting, it works when I add a Text Status "Feigned/Dead/LD" to the target of target window. The text "dead" shows up.

Must be something with the "dead" filterset I'm using for the show/hide texture?

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