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aessedai 12-09-11 05:25 PM

No Latency Indication since 4.3
nUI Plus has been working fine since the 4.3 patch if I load out of date addons except for the fact that the latency indicator constantly shows 0 ms. This may not be a huge issue for most people, but I only have a dialup connection and no other internet alternative, so it is a vital tool in determining causes with lag issues, as in whether redialing my connection will help or if I am just experiencing issues caused by large crowds of other players or mobs.

I have tried it on a PC running Windows XP and three separate Macs running various versions of the OS X 10.6 operating system.

Talyrius 12-09-11 07:53 PM


Originally Posted by ForeverTheGM (Post 248845)
You'll have to wait until Blizzard fixes it. They broke the function that returns latency on Mac clients.

Are you sure you've tried it on your PC?

aessedai 12-09-11 09:41 PM

I am sure I did try it on the PC, even though that isn't my normal WoW computer, but I just tried it again and you're right. It shows latency. I believe the only explanation I have for not seeing it before on the PC is because I must have been drunk.


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