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Dragonmagister 12-11-11 10:48 AM

Differents between nui 5.* and 6.*
Hello K. Scott Piel,
what is the main difference between the two versions NuI, which I mentioned in the title?
Clear that this is an alpha version, but where is the difference. Version 6 is better than version 5? And when the official version 6 will be available ?

Greetings Dragonmagister

spiel2001 12-11-11 11:13 AM

nUI6 is a complete rewrite of nUI5 to fix several design flaws in the original nUI architecture and to address some frame rate issues... it is also designed to be more flexible and easier to customize than nUI5 was.

That said... nUI6 is going to change too... it is alpha and having been away for a few months with far too much free time to "think" about things, I've come to the conclusion I was going down the wrong path again... so... back to the drawing board in nUI6.

nUI6 is (almost) fully functional and stable, but it is missing pieces parts. Unless you have a serious frame rate issue in nUI5, for now I would stick with that.

I'll be sending out an e-mail later today on the subject and explaining what's up and where I'm going with nUI6.

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