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Aglik 12-12-11 12:06 PM

Target Player anywhere ?
Hi, sorry for my english and thanks to answer/s.
It can be, so I will focus a player anywhere?

SDPhantom 12-12-11 12:43 PM

I think you can use either /target or /targetexact. There are limits, like they have to be in visual range. I don't think you can target enemy players this way, but I could be wrong. You can try the same with /focus, but remember that when they go out of visual range, your focus may be lost and would need to be set again.

Aglik 12-12-11 01:31 PM

A focus/target through the friends list is possible?

Vlad 12-12-11 02:39 PM

Not trough friend list, it would still /target them by name.

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