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ToolPunk 12-13-11 02:55 AM

Party Spotter in 4.3
When enabled I get a repeated error thousands of times after only minutes in a BG and get an interface action was bloacked by an addon in chat when enabled. Will post the error here soon. Love this addon very useful. I can see my posts are still here from a year ago... I wonder if I am the only person that uses this addon lol, haven't found another like it.

spiel2001 12-13-11 05:45 PM

Nah... you're not the only one ~lol~

But, that said, it's not one that normally needs much attention or explanation.

Do post me the error message when you get a chance.

ToolPunk 01-11-12 01:56 AM

Wow totaly spaced out. Well a month later, not so soon, here is the error.

["message"] = "Interface\\AddOns\\PartySpotter\\PartySpotter.lua:2842: attempt to index global 'MiniMapCompassRing' (a nil value)", ["count"] = 1000

spiel2001 01-11-12 05:00 PM


I'll tend to it this weekend.

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