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Seer 12-13-11 08:18 AM

Revenge of the pet par.. It really hates me.
Here's a new one, wonder if anybody else noticed this.

Recently started to level a mage, frost at the moment. So use the water pet thingie to free people..

But, after combat the pet bar loses the freeze and waterbolt ability, the stances (assist/defence/passive and attack/follow/move to) are still there..

Any ideas ?

with nui 5.07.23

Doesn't seem to happen on my lock..

And now seems to work fine on the mage as well... Go figure..

Xrystal 12-13-11 03:34 PM

Was gonna about to say I've been playing my mage for ages with no problems ... Maybe one of those in combat glitches that cause it to not update properly briefly.

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