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FindingLuis 12-16-11 02:55 PM

Hermes [Raid Cooldown Timer]
Dear Readers and World of Warcraft Addon Genius's

Could someone lend me a hand in bringing this project back to life. It was simply a flawless addon that gave us raid leaders an invaluable resource. We're currently struggling to find a replacement that can match Hermes, ORA3 just isn't cutting it.

Most recent error I can register from Hermes is

Message: ..\AddOns\Hermes\Hermes.lua line 2269:
Unexpected sender status during UpdateSenderStatus

(tail call): ?

[C]: error()
Hermes\Hermes.lua:2269: UpdateSenderStatus()

Hermes\Hermes.lua:2215: AddSender()

Hermes\Hermes.lua:5601: TalentUpdate()



Hermes\Talents.lua:362: ?()



[string "safecall Dispatcher[5]"]:4:

[string "safecall Dispatcher[5]"]:4

[C]: ?

[string "safecall Dispatcher[5]"]:13: ?()

...Ons\Ace3\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:92: Fire()



(tail call): ?

I'm definitely not skilled in reading this but will provide as much support and help as I can to get this project up and running again.

Ketho 12-16-11 03:50 PM

Just requoting Inthedrops' original post from 2011.07.20 (almost 4 months ago)

Originally Posted by inthedrops
Hermes has been very successful. It's essentially become the standard for managing raid cooldowns. However, life has come up and I must quit the game, which means I cannot support the addon anymore on an active basis (I won't have an active account).

I am seeking an author to take over Hermes support. I will provide as much support as needed from a consulting or "how does this work?" perspective, but no actual coding.

Please post here or send me a PM if you're serious about taking over Hermes. It's a considerably sized addon with many thousands of lines of code. However, it's pretty stable right now.

so just wanted to say this, and hope there will be someone to revive the project

FindingLuis 12-17-11 01:21 AM

I'll definitely try to PM him, if anyone else has any more insight on this please do inform me more. I need all the help I can get on this.

virtual 09-14-12 08:00 AM

Hermes Update
I've got a working 5.0 version of this addon running. It's still got a lot of work to do around cleaning up removed abilities, adding in new abilities, and cleaning up the requirements for specializations and talents.

However, I will continue to update the addon, because it continues to be a huge benefit to many raiders.

Please visit it's new project site at:

If the original author is still around please feel free to email me directly ...

Wish me luck on breathing some life back in to this great addon.

FindingLuis 09-20-12 12:10 PM

Well tell me what you can do, I'd love to have this active again for MoP. This was really a wonderful addon back when it was fully supported!

Dridzt 09-20-12 03:00 PM


Originally Posted by FindingLuis (Post 264631)
Well tell me what you can do, I'd love to have this active again for MoP. This was really a wonderful addon back when it was fully supported!

He's taken over with the original author's permission so visit the official page for further updates.


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