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Reboot 12-17-11 01:06 PM

nUI and Cursed
Hello, i have nUI+, and currently its the only addon i dont have on the cursed client, but i had nUI from cursed before i upgraded. Can i let the cursed client take control(update) the nUI+ addon?

Xrystal 12-17-11 01:29 PM

curse has never had nUI+ in its download. Unless it was without the authors permission. It has only ever been available on wowi and

nUI lite on the otherhand is available on curse. The only difference is 25 and 40 man raid frames and possibly 10 man but I'm sure Scott can confirm that.

Reboot 12-17-11 01:42 PM

Ok, i just wanted to make sure! Thank you for the quick response.

Daveo77 12-17-11 06:21 PM

nUI Lite has 5man and 10man raid frames.

nUI Plus has 5man, 10man, 25man, and 40man raid frames.

Chmee 12-17-11 07:33 PM

nUI+ also has 15 man frames, if I'm not mistaken. I suppose it uses them if you're in a 25 man, but only have 15 in the group.

Seer 12-18-11 04:13 AM

There used to be 15 men "raids" and there are 15 men battlegrounds, unless those were removed in cata.

Wow.. Still haven't pvp'ed since the release of Cata.. :D

Chmee 12-18-11 12:26 PM

Me either. I keep meaning to run more BGs, but there never seems to be enough time.

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