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twizt3dkitty 12-17-11 06:48 PM

NUI+24 Reputation Error
not really sure where to start with this, but the lower right hand rep bar never seems to update correctly for me, I tend to grind out different reps frequently and am currently working on the insane title, and right now the rep seems to always show 'avengers of hyjal' for some reason, i can uncheck that and the rep goes away, then if i check my guild (new guild so still only revered) it shows the bars to avenger or nothing at all, same thing with ravenholdt, it seems i need to uncheck the last rep it correctly showed, and then hope it will show the new faction. not sure what else I could do to describe this, or reproduce it, it just sorta doesnt display correctly for me.

spiel2001 12-17-11 07:27 PM

nUI automatically switches the rep display to show you the last faction you earned rep with. Sounds like you're earning rep for more than one faction at a time and so you always see the "second" one? Maybe?

Xrystal 12-18-11 03:16 AM

Yeah the new Hyjal dailies grant you guild rep as well as hyjal rep so that would explain it.

twizt3dkitty 12-18-11 09:31 PM

understood, is there anyway i can force a particular rep to display? aside from being exalted with guild? or losing bb rep while gaining bloodsail?

spiel2001 12-19-11 06:29 AM

Not that I can think of off hand.

I can look at the possibility of offering a flag to not auto-switch to guild rep. I can't say how complicated that might be though. So, ???

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