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Luar 12-18-11 02:26 AM

PvP Problem
I have been trying for an achievement and have noticed that while in PvP where we have to gather resources the bar stating who has how many resources is missing. I am using nUI+ release, the latest version that is not playing well with onebag3.

Xrystal 12-18-11 02:54 AM

Is it a new pvp game for 4.3 ? It might be that is yet another new bar that needs to be added to nUI. Next time you pvp disable nUI and type /framestack and do a screenshot while hovering over the bar that should be there. It will show the name of it and it will let us know if it is an existng one that is broken or a new one that needs to be added.

type /framestack to remover the tooltip frame.

atttach the screenshot to a message here.

jojodavis09 12-20-11 04:08 PM

PVP Battleground Status Objectives
I am getting the same problem with the resource issue if i disabble NUI it works but its really irritating not knowing how many resources we have or how many flags have been capped PLEASE FIX ASAP TY LOVE UR UI!!

spiel2001 12-20-11 06:14 PM

Is anyone getting the PvP timers (resources, etc.) in battelgrounds with the 5.07.24 or is everyone affected by this?

TwinStop 12-20-11 08:08 PM

I couldn't see the whole resource bar and used /nui movers to pull it over a little bit.

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