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trentzip 12-18-11 07:33 AM

nUI v5.07.24+ HUD buff/debuff tooltips
As long as i can remember ive been unable to see any tooltips when i mouseover any debuffs(player) or buffs(enemy) next to the HUD.
I was wondering if this is a bug or is it actually working as intended, as I would really like the ability to see aformentioned tooltips for one reason or another.
Is it possible for me to activate them? :confused:


Xrystal 12-18-11 07:49 AM

Yes, it involves editing the hud layout files to turn on interactivity of the aura displays in the hud.

Here's a link to how you can do that.

trentzip 12-18-11 11:43 AM

Ah excellent! Thank you very much :)
Worked a charm!


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