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Heilsusi 12-21-11 02:53 AM

UI and AddOns - advice from Holy Priest
hi guys

try to bring the UI to the background. the gameplay action should be in front! take your time with shadowed unit frames (or similar) to sexy up your UI :)

here my idea of this. switch to HD please and enjoy

greetings, Susi

Rilgamon 12-21-11 07:45 AM

Could never heal with the grid so far off the center bottom.
At your position it hides parts of the area where the action is going on ;)
And as a clicker I need more buttons :D

Phanx 12-21-11 08:48 PM

It might be a good idea to post a screenshot or two in addition to (or instead of) a video. I'm probably not the only person who doesn't like videos, or can't watch videos at work.

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