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trentzip 01-05-12 03:19 AM

Druid Moonkin Form Query
Hey just thought id ask the question. Im fully aware of the issue surrounding Bar10 being both the bottom right bar AND Moonkin Form.
The question i had, was is there anyway i can change Moonkin Form to use Bar8 instead of Bar10? As far as i know, that bar is for Warrior Defensive Stance and Rogue Shadow Dance? (Not 100% sure here) If that is in fact the case, am i able to toy around in the nUI files to make moonkin use this bar instead?



Xrystal 01-05-12 06:32 AM

If I understand how the bars are set up in nUI they aren't customised beyond positioning and keybindings. Bar 10 is what I suspect blizzard has as the form switch bar with druids having the most stance changes (so to speak).

Chmee 01-05-12 12:08 PM

The use of the various action bars is described here..

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