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krisforna 01-07-12 02:32 AM

moving cast bar and omen of clarity proc visual
trying to find a way to move NUI's cast bar. Also would like to move omen of clarity art work .

Xrystal 01-07-12 07:42 AM

I don't think the proc visual can be moved as it is a new feature to wow in general and nUI 5 never had it to customise with.

Moving the cast bar can be done using the Layout lua files relevant to the HUD layout you want to use/change. Bear in mind though that moving one element of the hud could affect others as some items are anchored together.

This thread deals with a similar problem and may help you with tweaking the positioning.

krisforna 01-07-12 11:42 PM

thank you
Thanx for the info i found another thread to temporarily not show the cast bar for now. As for the proc visual if anyone else is annoyed by this you can change the opacity or completly disable this function in wow by going to interface, combat, and its the show spell alerts option, the opacity slide bar underneath it is for dimming the effect unchecking the box gets rid of it completly. I find setting up power auras for my proc and disabling this features works wonderfully.

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