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Seerah 01-08-12 09:53 PM

Pick for 1/8: Vault (new)
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Do you have some items in your bag that you are afraid of accidentally selling? This addon allows you to add items to a "vault" which protects you against losing those items. If you do accidentally sell an item to a vendor that was in your vault, it immediately buys it back and alerts you of your mistake. So, have peace of mind if you visit the vendor at 2:am before finally heading to bed or if you have multiple items with the same icon.

Read about how it works at its download page.

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VagrantEsha 01-13-12 11:24 AM

I know it's likely very untoward to post in the thread of my own mod like this, but... first of all, thank you!! I never expected to get featured. That was a real shock to the system.

Also, since you use my mod, I'd genuinely value your input. And the input of everyone who uses my mod. I feel I want to evolve Vault a bit, but I'm not sure about the direction I should be going in (if any). So if any Vault users could drop by the Vault comments section and file their vote, I'd appreciate it!

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