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slacky 01-10-12 01:30 PM

How to get extra libs installed in the AppData directory?
Hey there

when I install the Minion with the wowinterface plugin, the installer adds a few extra osgi plugins into AppData\Roaming\MMOUI\Minion\lib (using Windows 7)

Is there a way to use the "Install module" button in the module center to also install additional osgi components to this path? If so, how does the auto-update process support this to keep the 3rd party libs up-to-date?


Shirik 01-11-12 02:24 AM

Good point, I didn't really think that one through, did I?

Give me a bit to get back to you. It is fully intended that this should be supported, but currently it isn't.

Originally the "libs" folder didn't exist at all, actually. It was later added to allow for a rudimentary package dependency capability. There's actually nothing wrong with putting libraries in the module folder, but the jars in the "lib" folder are guaranteed to be loaded first.

Let me get back to you on this one.

slacky 01-12-12 02:32 AM

Thanks. I already tried to circumvent that problem by supplying multiple "package" elements in my updater.xml but it turns out (as the schema correctly defines) only 1 package is allowed and handled per "update" element.. ;)

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