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7alisman 01-22-12 04:04 PM

Potential Enhancment
To be honest, I don't think this request belongs on this board, but its the only place I know to make a request from people who are capable enough to do it.

So, here it goes:

I am looking for an addon that will provide a visual reference for Maximum AP, Current AP, and AP threshold that my diseases were applied at. Back when Blood was a DPS spec and rand Glyph of Disease, there was an addon that did exactly that for the tracking and "rolling" of diseases. Recently, it has become apparent that through the use of Festering Strike and effective timing of Outbreaks lined up with procs, that this method of play style is once again possible.

As an example I cut a piece out of an old UI screenshot I had to provide a visual reference of the old Addon 'Bleeding Hearts' that I used to use.

While its difficult to see in the photo, it is showing my highest AP with procs is 8000 (solid black bar), current AP is 7914 (filled the black bar 98% full with Red) and the icons indicate the AP level of when the corresponding diseases were applied.

I apologize if I have over stepped my boundaries in making the request here, but I greatly appreciate if you even took time to entertain the thought.

Chmee 01-22-12 04:56 PM

There's an abandoned project with this name on WoWAce:

7alisman 01-22-12 05:52 PM

Yes, that is exactly the addon I was referring to.

I know the project has been abandoned for quite some time, although if someone were so inclined as to pick it up again where the previous one left off it might make the task a little less daunting. I only wish I had the capability :(

7alisman 01-24-12 12:58 AM

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