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davidtenn 01-23-12 07:04 AM

I ask "is this a UI?"
I asked "is this a UI?" I have to say that it is a very good UI, but it is more then just a simple program. You artists go far beyond what a programer does to just get a job done. It is a work of art. Thank you.
I have just one thing to ask.....i would like to be able to lock and unlock the buttons on the actionbars down so they could move or not move depending on what i needed at the time. Please tell me if there is a way and if so how to do it. Thank you

Well i feel like a dummy. I got into the mind set that i had to use the nUI's controls to do anything with the UI. Thank you for opening my eyes. I did find in the Blizz interface actionbars control the place to lock down the icons so they do not drag.
Thank you again for such a beautiful UI.
Take care all.

Xrystal 01-23-12 09:22 AM

I've noticed this has been a frequent question asked since 4.3 so I am wondering if they did something to stop icons from dragging off but then again I haven't noticed it so much myself but then again I can't remember the last time I needed to drag icons off and then on.

In either case there should be an option in the blizz menu that allows you to permanently move/lock them that you just set to the option you want otherwise I think shift or control will allow you to temporarily move icons on the buttons.

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