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slash 01-24-12 08:57 PM

yea so im having a issue with there not showing up a button, half my raid is trying out this addon this week and no one seen there button and on ultrax, all u see it half there raid pop lol, just wondering what ur planing to do to fix this or is there a patch in the making?

reddrumjay 01-24-12 11:52 PM

See the nUI 5 Code Patches thread

slash 02-01-12 05:12 AM

yes and u say this, but yet that macro does not work.

Seer 02-01-12 03:54 PM

The "/click ExtraActionButton1" macro worked fine last week, haven't tried it this week yet (it doesn't give the button, you use it on the action bar).

The "#showtooltip Heroic Will
/run local b=ExtraActionButton1 b:SetParent(UIParent) b:SetPoint("CENTER",0,-170) b:Show()"

Kinda worked, just bugs out after the fight for me..

spiel2001 02-01-12 07:27 PM

Seer is correct...

Just create a macro that says '/click ExtraActionButton1' and give it an icon, then place that macro on your main action bar and you're golden.

OrcD3vil 02-25-12 11:11 PM

I tried the macro and for some reason its not showing for me, my fix was to install Bartender 4 and disable all the bars/artwork/menu buttons because nUI manages those and disabling those didn't mess with nUI but it allowed me to show the extra button. So this works for me and is a VERY easy solution.

Seer 02-26-12 04:05 AM

If you put the macro on the action bar and it's not showing then most likely there's a typo or something silly like that.

If you meant the second macro, well, worked ok when used before the fight starts, never stays away after the fight tho. Thing is you need to run it before you get into combat.

Meshif 03-25-12 12:23 PM

I Don't Know Why
If you're not going to fix this problem...

Why not remove the code for this button and use the CUSTOM MOVERS again?


zork 03-26-12 01:46 AM

Maybe I can help out. This is how I make the frame movable in rActionBarStyler:

lua Code:
  1. --holder frame
  2.   local bar = CreateFrame("Frame","rABS_ExtraActionBar",UIParent,"SecureHandlerStateTemplate")
  3.   bar:SetSize(barcfg.buttonsize,barcfg.buttonsize)
  4.   bar:SetPoint(barcfg.pos.a1,,barcfg.pos.a2,barcfg.pos.x,barcfg.pos.y)
  5.   bar:SetHitRectInsets(-cfg.barinset, -cfg.barinset, -cfg.barinset, -cfg.barinset)
  6.   bar:SetScale(barcfg.barscale)
  7.   cfg.applyDragFunctionality(bar,barcfg.userplaced,barcfg.locked)
  9.   --the frame
  10.   local f = ExtraActionBarFrame
  11.   f:SetParent(bar)
  12.   f:ClearAllPoints()
  13.   f:SetPoint("CENTER", 0, 0)
  14.   f:EnableMouse(false)
  15.   f.ignoreFramePositionManager = true
  17.   --the button
  18.   local b = ExtraActionButton1
  19.   b:SetSize(barcfg.buttonsize,barcfg.buttonsize)
  20.   bar.button = b

The drag function is this one:

Unlocking/locking is done via slash command:

If additional styling is needed I have an example for this aswell:

Maybe that helps.

spiel2001 03-26-12 02:36 PM

Thank you Zork --

I'll see if I can figure out where the difference is. That does help alot.


twizt3dkitty 03-27-12 12:32 PM

do i sense nUI 5.25?? coming soon???

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