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Cloudykitty 01-28-12 03:40 PM

placing wow_interface_art
I downloaded this file for blizzard artwork.. (Art Work)

I would like to be able to use some of the images but have no idea where to unzip the information contained in the download .

I want to use sexy map addon in creating my own map but don't know where to place the artwork folder so that i can get to the texture path.

i found XnConvert that converts the blp images to tga and back again so that if i edit i can use in wow.. problem is no idea where to place..

if anyone understands what i am trying to say please help....

Seerah 01-28-12 09:05 PM

That's an outdated collection of the .blp files (you can now extract them straight from the client and don't need to download the pack from Blizzard), but all of those textures are *already* in the game files.

Cloudykitty 01-28-12 10:55 PM

then why can't i find any of them? and how do i extract them?

Seerah 01-28-12 10:59 PM

How is it that you are trying to look for them? :confused: They're in the game files.

For extracting:

If you want to just view these as .png files so you can see what they are and their paths:

Phanx 01-28-12 11:36 PM

The actual textures in the game client are compressed inside the MPQ archives in the Data folder, and since Windows does not support MPQ archives natively the way it supports ZIP archives, you can't just browse to the texture files in Windows Explorer, or find them using Windows search functions.

To view the textures outside of the game, you can either extract the whole collection from the game client itself (see Seerah's link again), or you can look inside the MPQ archives using a program like MPQ Editor and only extact the specific texture(s) you're interested in.

To use the textures in-game, just use the right path. See Seerah's link, or look at the Blizzard UI source code (also on to find the path for the texture you want to use. Something like:


If you want to use a Blizzard texture in an addon, you do not need to add a copy of the texture file in your addon's folder, and should not do this, since it wastes space and serves no practical purpose. Just use the proper path as explained above.

Cloudykitty 01-28-12 11:41 PM

thank you both very much... I now know how to find them... much appreciation:banana:

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