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bassman810 02-01-12 10:44 PM

buff icons
Since installing nUI, my buff icon colors are faded. They almost appear to be in negative color, thus it is hard for me to see what buff I have on at a glance. Is there a setting to change this or do I have to uninstall/reinstall nUI?

Xrystal 02-01-12 11:30 PM

Which buff icons? the ones in the hud or the ones between the dashboard and the hud?

bassman810 02-01-12 11:38 PM

buff icons
In my nUI the icon for Might or Crusader aura or Flask of Titan Strength, etc.. are to the far left bottom corner above chat box. They have text beside them describing the buff. All of the icons are a greenish, washed-out color version of the original so hard to see specific buff on me at a glance. Of course I can read the buff text, but it is easier to peripherally see which buffs are on me by seeing the icon rather than reading the text. Any ideas? Is this normal for nUI? I can get used to it if I have to. I like nUI.

Xrystal 02-02-12 02:16 AM

Ah gotcha .. if I remember rightly greenish hue means buff and reddish hue means debuff but then again seeing as the left hand side should all be buffs I might be wrong.

As to brightening them I'm not sure you can. I don't recall the aura bars being a part of the layout adjustment system.

spiel2001 02-02-12 05:29 PM

When looking at your own buffs, the green buffs are the ones you have cast on yourself. The others are buffs that someone else cast on you. When looking at other players, green auras are buffs you cast on the player, red auras are debuffs you cast on the player and the rest were cast by someone else.

The red/green tint to the buff is a quick way to spot the auras you cast.

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