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Verttex 02-02-12 09:09 PM

Disenchant Random Enchantment Item
How can I make a macro to disenchant items with a specific name? Like Alicite Pendant. If I wanted to I could do:

/cast Disenchant
/use Alicite Pendant of ...
/use Alicite Pendant of ...
/use Alicite Pendant of ...
/use Alicite Pendant of ...

but when a item has over 80 enchantments, its very hard to keep track of it.

Any way to do this?

Seerah 02-02-12 10:20 PM

I use Panda. ;)

Rilgamon 02-02-12 10:36 PM


/cast Disenchant
/use item:52492
/use item:52306
/use item:52307
/use item:52308
/use item:52309
/use item:56508
/use item:56490

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