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Libanyal 02-13-12 08:10 PM

Scrolling Through The Action Bars
I was wondering if there was a way to rest all my action bars to work the same for all of my toons. I can be on one toon and scroll through all the action bars, I get on another and I can only scroll through 2 action bars. This is all from the main action bar. This is also on the same account. Thanks in advance for your help!!!

spiel2001 02-13-12 09:07 PM

The main action bar stores buttons for 6 bars (Shift-1 through Shift-6) for all toons.

Press the "escape" button to open the Blizz menu and select "Interface >> Action Bars" and compare the settings between the two toons to be sure they are the same.

Also, make sure that you actually have different buttons on each... sometimes people get the same buttons (or no buttons) on each bar and don't realize it... so the bar is scrolling, but they don't think it is.

Libanyal 02-13-12 09:19 PM

Thanks!!! That fixed it all up!

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