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Gethe 02-26-12 11:40 PM

actionbar locked
Hello, i'm new to RDX and it seems really cool, but for some reason I can't move or remove abilities on my action bars. Am I missing something?

I checked the Blizz UI options and they are not locked there, is there another option in RDX that locks your abilities?

edit: Also, I noticed that there is a slight inset for all the actionbar icons, removing the border on the icon itself. I use Clean Icons to maintain a consistent look but the thin border is now gone. Is this a part of the base RDX or the button skin? Is there anyway to disable/remove the offset?

sigg 02-27-12 12:48 AM

Hi Gethe

Use the shift key to move out the icon.
(In the next version, shift is nomore necessary)

About the offset, is it possible to post two screenshots ?

Thanks you

Gethe 02-27-12 01:43 AM

On top is the icon as seen in windows, this is what it should look like. Bottom is in-game using the caith skin with the textures blanked out and icon size at 64 and skin size offset at 0. The border is gone, in addition to some of the icon itself (look at the fuse and arrow tip)

unlimit 02-27-12 03:02 AM

I can confirm this, I've noticed this problem for a LONG time now, just never really thought a lot about it.

sigg 02-28-12 02:18 AM

Fix is available in github with the version 8.3.0 alpha

sigg 02-29-12 07:24 AM

From the classic menu, you must activate the Cleans Icons option

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