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Bl4ckSh33p 02-27-12 04:18 PM

Successor of WoW Manager in the works: WoW Launcher PLUS
Hello! After a very long break I am back to business and working on a new Tool to replace my old "WoW Manager".

A while ago I started to work on a multi-game manager called "Playbird" but I had to pause it and it will take too much time to complete it any time soon.
So I started a new WoW specific project today and it will be called "WoW Launcher PLUS" or short: "WoWL+" and it is meant to replace the original WoW Launcher. :eek:

More Information will be available soon.
Check the new Facebook Page to see an early preview Screenshot of WoWL+. :banana:
Please don't forget to "Like" it. ;)

- Get it here!

You can leave your Feedback in this thread.

Cairenn 02-27-12 04:55 PM

Looks interesting. Also, welcome back. :)

Bl4ckSh33p 02-27-12 04:59 PM

Thank you! :)
Instead of creating a completely separate app I try to use the existing launcher and extend it with some useful features this time.

Haleth 02-27-12 05:22 PM

I'm not quite sure if that complies with the terms of use. They state explicitly that you can't modify game files - the launcher might fall under that.

Just a heads up. :)

Dridzt 02-27-12 05:33 PM

He said replace not modify so I'm guessing he's not doing anything to the WoW Launcher itself,
just providing an alternate launcher that can start wow.exe (or launcher.exe itself)

Cairenn 02-27-12 05:42 PM

You might want to look at whether you can tie it in to Minion. :)

Bl4ckSh33p 02-28-12 04:02 AM

Nothing will be changed on the original launcher or any WoW files. The original launcher is still needed to update your game files when a new patch goes live. My Launcher just looks very similar and has many additional features. :)

I will take a look at Minion.

Evolution85 02-28-12 11:20 AM

Looks interesting. I will be keeping an eye on it. ;)

Cairenn 02-28-12 11:31 AM

Will hopefully be able to approve it soon(tm). ;)

But seriously, I know we know you and that you've been a long time member in good standing, but as always, I want to wait until one of the programmers can tear it apart, for everyone's sake. :)

Bl4ckSh33p 02-28-12 11:35 AM

Thanks. Just ignore my private message asking how to fix the "on hold" status sent a minute ago, please. ;)

Cairenn 02-28-12 11:46 AM

No worries. :)

Bl4ckSh33p 02-28-12 02:31 PM

Preview for ALPHA 2
Preview of new Settings with ALPHA 2:

suicidalkatt 02-29-12 01:37 AM

This is really interesting to me :)

I look forward to seeing the progress!

Bl4ckSh33p 02-29-12 05:58 AM

You can download ALPHA 1 now! :)

Coote 02-29-12 06:03 AM

It works great for an alpha. Guild page, voice chat, play buttons all work wonderfully, as well as the drop down menus. Front page news even works great.

Can't wait to see what else is in store.

Bl4ckSh33p 02-29-12 06:42 AM

Glad you like it.

Does it show your localized Launcher news? Can anyone not living in Germany confirm this please?

Vlad 02-29-12 07:49 AM

Here is a wacky idea, now I've done something like this in the past (long ago) so don't got any sources, but the gist of it goes like this:
1. Code a program that adds certain rule (keeps it updated if needed) to the hosts file. This serves to redirect the traffic wanting to access the launcher webpage to our own program.
2. Code the program to accept http requests over the local IP only and a specific port.
3. When you run the launcher (official one, nothing changed) it will read the data served by your own application, thus you can modify the output and show what ever you like on the launcher.
A lot of work but the payoff is not tampering with the game files at all, only the start page shown on the launcher. You can add all the options and such as html forms and have the program read the post or get requests made by the browser/launcher and store that information somewhere locally.

Just an idea. :)

Bl4ckSh33p 02-29-12 08:28 AM

Nice idea. But I am not very good at Java/JScript or similar languages to do everything via an html page.

Right now my app shows the official launcher html page (without any changes) and it just adds a few new buttons and features (written in LUA just like WoW Addons).

Othgar 02-29-12 11:23 AM

Great idea. I downloaded the alpha and tried it out, en(US) showed just fine when I opened it no problems there. Can't wait until it's fully functional.

Bl4ckSh33p 02-29-12 11:38 AM

Thank you very much for testing it. I am working on ALPHA 2 the whole day and it should not take too long to finish it (a few days).

You can see the upcoming changes in the Change Log.

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