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unlimit 03-05-12 04:54 AM

[GitHub] Periodic Repaint
Periodic repaint seems to be bugged on player completely, it won't update my unitframe unless I specifically rebuild. It also seems to have a bit of lag on other UIDs such as targettarget, target, and focus.

I'll post a video or screenshot later if I can.

unlimit 03-10-12 10:57 AM

bump for great justice.

sigg 03-10-12 11:25 AM

should work better now.


unlimit 03-11-12 06:13 AM

No, unfortunately, still not at all. I made a video using the latest github version on youtube for you to see. Be sure to watch it on high quality.

sigg 03-11-12 11:02 AM

could you send me a recovery package ?

I am not able to reproduce your error on the player frame.

BTW, I allow the internal adaptive scheduler to have 0.02 s interval.

Your targettarget should better repaint.


sigg 03-17-12 01:59 AM

Fixed in Github


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