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kaisoul 03-06-12 11:40 PM

Scroll of resurrection offer
Now with the insane benifits of the new Scroll of Resurrection.

What im proposing is that any one with an account that they want to reactivate with the revamped service. Get in touch with me and i'll send you my Scroll. you get the perks mentioned in the link i posted and i get a mount out of the deal.

Just leave me a PM if your interested in the idea.

still offering to send scrolls again just PM me. ^_^

Talyrius 03-07-12 12:46 AM

I'm pretty sure most of the people that are interested in this already know someone that will want to send a scroll to them. If I'm wrong, I can send a scroll as well. ;)

BTW (link):

Originally Posted by Bashiok
Due to what I assume is the intense popularity of the new SoR promo, our authentication system is in meltdown. Working on it.

kaisoul 03-07-12 02:33 AM

yea they probably all do know some one. sad to say in all my years of gaming i only ran across maybe one or two people that where gamers and they are poorer then me and i am on disability :( So this is one of my 1 in a million kid tries for some thing nice. :banana:

Bl4ckSh33p 03-07-12 03:06 AM

Call 0800-RESURRECTION - or PM me
You are dead, undead or only partly alive? Don't wait! Call me if you need a resurrection! ;)

Wimpface 03-07-12 04:03 AM

I also have a scroll I'm willing to give out, for EU. :)

eiszeit 03-07-12 06:09 AM

Too bad I startet a week before the new scroll came. Man I wish I had the faction change stuff and all :X

Wimpface 03-07-12 07:49 AM

I'll just have to go through my friendslist and see if I can convince someone, and I know exactly who to start with. :D

Drail 03-07-12 03:54 PM

If anyone has a spare EU SoR and wants the mount send me a PM. My account went inactive on March 2nd so perfect timing! Many thanks.

Wimpface 03-08-12 01:51 AM


Originally Posted by Drail (Post 253503)
If anyone has a spare EU SoR and wants the mount send me a PM. My account went inactive on March 2nd so perfect timing! Many thanks.

Back off everyone he's mine! :D

Peggles 03-11-12 06:42 AM

I'll gladly take a Scroll of Resurrection :)

I currently do not know anyone that has an active account.
I'll for sure buy gametime when the free 7 days are over.

My account e-mail (EU region): [email protected]

Landrell 03-11-12 09:33 AM

I'll throw my scroll in there as well for those that are interested in returning to the game!

Bl4ckSh33p 03-11-12 10:00 AM

If you need a resurrection just send me your ID via PM and/or your Charname and Realm (you can send one invitation via mail and one via char+realm per day). :)

Ravensaber 03-11-12 12:54 PM

I have no use of my scroll of res...if anyone needs one feel free to shoot me a pm with your info and I can send.

tintingurl 03-11-12 07:50 PM

Oh i will do same if anyone needs a res i shall offer me too. I am on US server um pm info and we shall go from there :D

Rxpert904 07-05-12 07:30 PM

I'd be happy to take one.
[email protected]

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