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twizt3dkitty 03-25-12 03:12 PM

nUI+24 causing a great many protected errors.
Literally had close to 100 errors since I believe last patch from a great many addons trying to call now protected functions during combat lockdown I guess. Just realized nUI is throwing damn near 80 of them. I use swatter, but Im looking for an addon that will log all of them to a text file, then maybe someone can debug further? Anyone else having similiar issues? Group Calendar 5 is throwing alot too. Nothing seems broken, everything works as expected, and basically i just click swatter away and go on with my day. But I just realized nothing is documented that I have found.

Xrystal 03-25-12 04:24 PM

Hmm, I'll have to check it out. Still have 21 I think on this computer.

I use Bugsack which saves the errors to its own WTF file.

Is it 24 that is causing problems or is it the patch. As in .. was 24 working with the previous patch ? Or have you gone from 23 to 24 ? If the former then its definitely something in the patch, if its the latter then try again with 23 and see how that works.

I've been using 21 with no problems but I think Scott has added quite a few changes since then that may be a factor.

spiel2001 03-25-12 04:28 PM

The protected function messages are warnings, not errors, and rarely if ever actually impact game play. That said, it is known the nUI5 has issues with some of the secure code changes that have occurred in WoW over the last couple patches.

Anyway, as noted, they are warnings and not errors and don't usually impact game play. My suggestion would be to just turn off the option in Swatter to report warnings.

Also, there is already a function built into WoW to record taint errors... '/taintlog 0' '/taintlog 1' and '/taintlog 2' I believe are the commands. They write the output to [ World of Warcraft > Logs > taintlog.txt ]

twizt3dkitty 03-25-12 04:48 PM

thanks for the quick replies, in other news, Ive always run 24 with some various mods by you and crystal to make it more useable. I decided to spend today (day off) to completely reinstall all my addons, and maybe slim down some I dont use. Also watching fps based on installed addons. After doing this, Im starting with nUI and plugins, So far I dont have any errors or warnings. It seemed swatter was logging old warnings and errors, and still popped up with them while the addons effected were uninstalled lol. damn informant/auctioneer suite, really needs some updates. anyhow, i will keep reporting. Really looking fwd to nUI6, and hopefully MoP compatibility, if you dont mind me asking, did you make it into Beta?

spiel2001 03-26-12 02:35 PM

Not yet... no.

If I were going to hazard a guess, I would tell you to look for nUI6 beta on WoW 5.0 Beta Servers.

bwhansen 03-26-12 09:01 PM

That is excellent news

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