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twizt3dkitty 03-30-12 08:14 AM

nUI6 MoP Beta
Well it seems addons are still disabled at the moment, they are able to be installed and the client can view the files, but all show as 'insecure' as opposed to 'out of date'

Well I just got my invite this morning, and blizz has annouced that most annual pass holders are about to get theirs, Im going to try to load up nUI6 when i finish downloading the client and start there, mess around, find out whats broke and such. Just giving the heads up, I ask anyone that also has a beta inv to respond and help me test, perhaps a few of us can exchange toon names to play together on the beta realm.

I made my character on Lost Isles

addons disabled in beta at current.

Seer 03-30-12 09:08 AM

If they follow the previous 2 expansion beta's the add ons will be disabled for a long time to come.

I don't expect nUI6 beta to work well and I don't think testing is needed for the version that is available, Spiel is already rewriting it. I'm guessing we will be able to test add ons when the 5.x pre event patch is on the ptr.

twizt3dkitty 03-30-12 05:12 PM

its sad but i had a really hard time playing with nui or at least bazooka....

crazzzzi 03-30-12 05:27 PM

on the plus side you have a beta invite, i will probabky get mine a week before the beta servers are shut down, lol, my luck with stuff like this is horrid

Xrystal 03-31-12 01:53 AM

Woot, got into the beta, so will probably start playing around with it from next week to see what could affect nUI's interface and my own addons of course.

twizt3dkitty 03-31-12 11:38 AM

I recommend everyone check their battlenet accounts, I had beta access for 4 days (that I noticed) before I got an email. Just login to a wow3 server.

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