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Ketho 04-06-12 07:58 PM

Lua 5.1 or 5.2?
I know /run, /script and addons are not yet available for use in order to print _VERSION, but does anyone know if Blizzard said anything yet about updating to Lua 5.2?

Lua 5.2 has been released since December 2011, and maybe it would help a lot for addon authors to anticipate on it if Blizzard were to update it in MoP

Seerah 04-06-12 09:40 PM

/dump _VERSION prints out "Lua 5.1"

They were probably too far into MoP development to change it by the time it was released.

suicidalkatt 06-05-12 10:20 PM

How much would 5.2 affect how blizzards own UI functions?

SDPhantom 06-06-12 12:00 PM

To mention what would be most impacted would be the SecureHandler system as it relies entirely on being able to create independent secure environments.


8.1 – Changes in the Language
  • The concept of environment changed. Only Lua functions have environments. To set the environment of a Lua function, use the variable _ENV or the function load.

    C functions no longer have environments. Use an upvalue with a shared table if you need to keep shared state among several C functions. (You may use luaL_setfuncs to open a C library with all functions sharing a common upvalue.)

    To manipulate the "environment" of a userdata (which is now called user value), use the new functions lua_getuservalue and lua_setuservalue.

8.2 – Changes in the Libraries
  • Functions setfenv and getfenv were removed, because of the changes in environments.

TSquared 06-06-12 07:44 PM

Mists of Pandaria will be running lua 5.1.

Currently there are no plans to move WoW's lua engine to 5.2.

Seerah 06-06-12 08:12 PM

Thanks for the confirmation, TSquared. :)

Siku 06-15-12 10:00 PM

Not to be too offtopic but who is TSquared? I mean, other than knowing he's a blizzard employee.

Phanx 06-15-12 11:30 PM

Maybe Blizzard employees could get bold blue names, the way moderators get bold orange names?

p3lim 06-16-12 05:45 PM

They might want to stay somewhat anonymous, to avoid PM spam and whatnot.

Talyrius 06-16-12 06:14 PM

TSquared already has private messages turned off to avoid such nonsense. ;)

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