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semlar 04-19-12 04:22 PM

List of player buffs/debuffs that don't stack?
I need a list of auras which do the same thing / overwrite each other. Unfortunately the lists on wowpedia are not accurate or complete, so I started compiling one myself, but I wanted to ask here to see if anyone knows if it's already been done somewhere to save me some time.

Vis 04-19-12 06:41 PM

Here's a list for you and the SOURCE. I did not double check all the data, just giving fair warning.


Here's a current {read- rough, incomplete, subject to change} "at-a-glance" list of where Blizz is heading with de/buff placement among the classes in Cata, based on what GC posted this morning and what is reflected in the current beta build. I tried to get all the proper spells in with Cata.wowhead links so you can compare side-by-side with other classes that also provide said de/buff.


Agility and Strength - DK {Horn of Winter}, Shaman {Strength of Earth Totem}, Warrior {Battle Shout}
Armor -- Shaman {Stoneskin Totem}, Paladin {Devotion Aura}
10% AP -- MM Hunter {Trueshot Aura}, Enh Shaman {Unleashed Rage}, Blood DK {Abomination's Might}, Paladin {Blessing of Might}
Burst Haste -- Shaman {Bloodlust/Heroism}, Mage {Time Warp}
3% Damage -- BM Hunter {Ferocious Inspiration}, Arcane Mage {Arcane Tactics}, Ret Paladin {Swift Retribution}
Health -- Warlock (prob Destro) {NYI}, Warrior {Commanding Shout}, Priest {Power Word: Fortitude}
Mana Pool -- Mage {Arcane Intellect}, Warlock (prob Affliction) {NYI}
Mana Regen -- Paladin {Blessing of Might}, Shaman {Mana Spring Totem}, Warlock (prob Affliction) {NYI}
Replenishment -- Shadow Priest {Vampiric Touch}, Frost Mage {Enduring Winter}, Survival Hunter {Hunting Party}, Destro Warlock {Soul Leech}, Ret Paladin {Communion}
5% Crit -- Fury Warrior {Rampage}, Feral Druid {Leader of the Pack}, Sub Rogue {Honor Among Thieves}, Ele Shaman {Elemental Oath}
20% Melee Attack Speed -- Shaman {Windfury Totem}, Frost DK {Improved Icy Talons}, Ret Paladin {Swift Retribution}, Surv Hunter {NYI}
5% Spell Haste -- Shaman {Wrath of Air Totem}, Balance Druid {Moonkin Form}, Shadow Priest {NYI}, Destro Warlock {Dark Intent?}
6% Spell Power -- Mage {NYI?}, Shaman {Flametongue Totem}
10% Spell Power -- Ele Shaman {Totemic Wrath}, Demo Warlock {Demonic Pact}, Fire Mage {NYI?}
5% Stats -- Paladin {Blessing of Kings}, Druid {Mark of the Wild}


12% Armor Debuff -- Warrior {Sunder Armor (Devastate)}, Rogue {Expose Armor}, Druid {Faerie Fire}, Hunter {Scorpid Venom}
10% Physical Damage Debuff -- Warrior {Demoralizing Shout}, Druid (probably bear) {NYI}, Prot paladin {Vindication}, Warlock {Curse of Weakness}, Blood DK {Scarlet Fever}
30% Bleed Damage Debuff -- Arms Warrior {Blood Frenzy}, Feral Druid {Mangle}, Sub Rogue {Hemorrhage}
30% Cast Speed Slow -- Warlock {Curse of Tongues}, Rogue {Mind-Numbing poison}, Arcane Mage {Slow}
5% Spell Crit Chance Taken -- Fire Mage {Improved Scorch}, Warlock (probably Demo) {NYI}, possibly Frost Mage {NYI}
25% Healing Taken -- Arms Warrior {Mortal Strike}, Fury Warrior {Furious Attacks 20%}, Hunter {Widow Venom}, Rogue {Wound Poison}, Frost Mage {Permafrost}, Shadow Priest {Improved Mind Blast}
10% {typo or inc nerfs?} Melee Attack Speed Debuff -- Warrior {Thunder Clap}, DK {Icy Touch}, Feral Druid {Infected Wounds}, Prot Paladin {Judgements of the Just }
4% Physical Vulnerability -- Arms Warrior {Blood Frenzy}, Combat Rogue {Savage Combat}, Frost DK {Brittle Bones}
8% Spell Damage Taken -- Warlock {Curse of the Elements}, Unholy DK {Ebon Plaguebringer}, Balance Druid {Earth and Moon}, Assassination Rogue {Master Poisoner}

Rilgamon 04-19-12 09:33 PM

Another list is at

Moxie 04-19-12 10:50 PM is also handy.

Talyrius 04-20-12 02:11 AM

This may help.

4.0.1 exclusive buff/debuff categories

semlar 04-20-12 12:13 PM

Thanks guys, that helps a lot.

For my purposes I also need things that fall into their own categories like Hunter's Mark but I'll probably have to add those myself. While it's kind of a self buff, when you're in a raid other hunters can overwrite yours with theirs which knocks it off the list of self-buffs but still benefits you.

What my addon does is show on the action button itself the remaining duration of the aura (or auras that have the same effect) so you know you don't have to recast it. This isn't the main focus of the addon, but since it's supposed to display how long until your own debuffs run out, I figured it should also take into account the ones that do the same thing.

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