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thornwall2 04-22-12 08:05 PM

pally power
ive looked around in the configuration logs and on the /commands but cant find how to get ride of the pally power icon in the middle of my screen. i use power auras and have my power set to show me there the one on nui is kinda lame since its just blizzards moved to the middle of the screen also remove cast bar where would that be?

also /commands are a pain do you think you will make an actually settings window?


Xrystal 04-22-12 11:56 PM

Kodewulf has created a settings window plugin and I create a dropdown menu plugin for bar adons like titan panel and fubar and the like.

Scott is designing version 6 with a visual set up rather than a slash command setup so that should make things easier once its complete.

As to removing the pally power bar, the only way would be a code adjustment to nUI_PowerBars.lua in the nUI/Bars folder. The segment in question is:

Lua Code:
  1. local function PTM_Events(self,event,...)
  2. --[[ Do this to turn off this code
  3.     local arg1,arg2,arg3,arg4,arg5,arg6 = ...;
  4.     if ( event == "ADDON_LOADED" and arg1 == addonName ) then
  5.         self.unit = PlayerFrame.unit;      
  6.     elseif ( event == "PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD" ) then       
  7.         local _, class = UnitClass("player");
  8.         self.unit = PlayerFrame.unit;      
  9.         if class == "PALADIN" then PTM_PPBInit(); end
  10.         if class == "WARLOCK" then PTM_WSSInit(); end
  11.         if class == "SHAMAN" then PTM_STBInit(); end
  12.         if class == "DRUID" then PTM_DEBInit(); end
  13.         self:UnregisterEvent(event);
  14.     elseif ( event == "PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED" ) then
  15.         self.unit = PlayerFrame.unit;
  16.     end
  17. --]]
  18. end

Notice the --[[ and ]]-- marks. These comment out the code between them and tells wow to ignore it entirely and will thus stop the display of the bars.

Unless there is another slash command I haven't noticed to turn that functionality off that would be the only way.

thornwall2 04-23-12 10:31 AM

yeah i know but i looked everywhere for the pally bar idk how i over looked it cause i looked in the powerbars file for ever xD and as for the cast bar ive also looked in the place i would think to find it in the bars folder there is the cd file which i searched in there for just the cast bar but couldnt find also in the sme of the others is there a way to get rid of that aswell?

and thank you very much loving this ui i was using the roth diablo ui which i loved but had alot of bugs that i noticed trying to work with other addons i had and it got to the point were i would freeze for like 5 seconds when i stealth or vanished on my rogue

Chmee 04-23-12 01:35 PM

You wear rouge?

thornwall2 04-23-12 02:06 PM


Talyrius 04-23-12 08:25 PM


Originally Posted by thornwall2 (Post 255782)
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Originally Posted by thornwall2 (Post 255785)

You're not fooling anyone. :p

thornwall2 04-24-12 09:31 AM

xD i always spell it that way idk why cause i know its really rogue not rouge but i thought i could slip it by lol

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