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Adrim 04-23-12 08:58 PM

Any way to make nUI raid frames more like default?

Trying out nUI for the first time, generally love it but there are some things that I wonder if any of the following are possible? I already tried searching this forum for answers but couldn't find anything.

1) Is there a way to keep raid party members vertically arranged? Right now groups are arranged horizontally and split in half across two frames. There are specs, such as Disc Priest that have spells that operate on a party of five and having members in a row your eyes have to horizontally scan or having them split makes it very hard to determine which party needs what spell.

2) Is there a way to have class colors for health bars, or the background? As a healer we often need to know at a glance who is melee and who is ranged. If I'm healing a melee I might cast a spell with an AoE heal to heal other melee, while if it's a hunter I might just cast a single target heal. DPS indicators are not as good as class colors.

3) Is there a way to have the role icon in front of the player name? Having it in the corner, which borders multiple boxes, makes it confusing to figure out the role quickly.

Basically if I could move the map over a little bit and stick the default Blizzard raid frames into the space, that would be my ideal solution. I understand having the map dead center is symmetrical and maybe aesthetic, but splitting cutting your raid frames in half for that is not really the best option. Having the option to put map left or right and keep one single contiguous space for frames would be preferred.

If none of these changes are currently possible in v5, I hope I can influence design goals for v6. I'll probably play around with trying to move things manually and overlay the existing Blizzard frames on top of nUI. It's just a shame because I do like some of the things that nUI's frames do better.

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