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Yuum 04-25-12 02:52 PM

Feedback requested: YuumUI v1.0
Hi Guys,

I uploaded an UI two weeks ago and would love to hear a feedback from you because since my upload just some friends commented my UI.

Here is the link:

Screenshots are available on the download page and a list of all AddOns is in the download file.


Yuum =)

Phanx 04-25-12 03:43 PM

The big solid blocks with weird textured backdrops are extremely distracting. It's hard to read the chat or see the raid frames against the bright green swirl, for example.

There are too many different fonts in your UI. Pick two at most (for example, you could use a more decorative font for combat text because it can be less readable when it's only used for short text strings like "4k" at large font sizes, while using another more readable font everywhere else) and make sure all your addons are using them.

The border on your unit frames does not match the border you're using for everything else.

Yuum 04-26-12 05:44 AM

Ok great thank you for your respond.

IŽll update my UI with the new features as soon as possible :)

itsjustadrian 04-27-12 06:11 PM

Like Phanx stated, most of it deals with mismatching.

Minimap borders, coordinates, UFs, VuhDo, Buffs, and Panels all have different borders.
Also, with your minimap, I'd trim it up by hiding the rest of those minimap icons.

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