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Rol1 04-28-12 08:18 AM

Was wondering if anyone else is having problems displaying skada ? It just started this morning i have changed any settings all the others thing s are dislplaying like combat log and map are working just skada is not

Chmee 04-28-12 08:45 AM

Skada was last updated in February, so if you've been running the latest version since then and this just started, you have a corrupted skada.lua file in your SavedVariables folder, or Blizzard did something that caused the problem. In the former case, you can delete the skada.lua and skada.lua.bak files and restart WoW and that should fix it. In the latter case, you'll have to wait until Scott (or the dev for Skada) fixes whatever Blizz broke or until Blizz fixes it. Of course, in the latter case, everyone should be having the same problem (I haven't logged in yet, so I don't know if I have it).

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