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Rol1 04-28-12 08:24 AM

Nui thread
I hav eversion 5.07.21 i have downloaded and unzipped the 5.07.24 version but every time i log on it shows that version should I remove all versions and download the current version so it is the only one in the addon file?

Chmee 04-28-12 08:38 AM

You have two folders named "nUI" in your add-ons folder? Good trick, that.:p

Do both versions show up in the Addons listing accessed from the login screen (they shouldn't if they do something's corrupted).

First step: Make sure WoW is not running. Delete the folder containing the older version of the add-on. Make sure the other folder is named "nUI". Start WoW. Make sure nUI is selected in the Addons list on the login screen. If necessary, check "load out of date add ons". Start WoW. Is it working now?

Second step (if the first step fails): Make sure WoW is not running. Delete all folders with "nui" in the name from your add ons folder. Delete all nui.lua and nui.lua.bak files from the SavedVariables folders in your wtf folder. Download a fresh copy of nUI 5.07.24. Install it. Start Wow. Is it working now?

Third step: (if the second step fails): Throw away your computer. Buy a Mac. Start from square one (download the Mac version of the WoW client).:eek::banana:

Rol1 04-28-12 09:32 AM

It worked
Thanks it worked

Chmee 04-28-12 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by Rol1 (Post 255973)
Thanks it worked

Which step, the third? :D

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