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acheronia 05-03-12 12:40 AM

Cooldown issue
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Hey there.

There's a cd that hovers over my action bar and was wondering if someone could give some advice on how to move/remove this. The screenshot I've attached, shows the cd right in the middle of the action bar; it's the Kirin Tor ring.

Xrystal 05-03-12 01:37 AM

It looks like its the cooldown or buff counter for the button it is under but it shouldn't be under it but in the middle of it. I don't recall it ever moving like that so can't immediately think of how it can be moved without playing with the lua files.

You could try the /nui movers option to see if a mover bar appears around it to show that it is something else that is movable and move it so it is out of the way.

If that doesn't work try /framestack and hover your mouse over it and see what the little tooltip of information says on the screen about it.

In both these slash commands using them again cancels it.

acheronia 05-03-12 02:24 AM

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Thanks for the reply.

My knowledge of anything technical is dismal. The best I can do is blindly follow instructions and hope for the best :)

I've moved the action bar with the help of /nui movers. And then used /framestack and made another screenie.

I hope this gives better information?

acheronia 05-03-12 02:31 AM

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Just realised that the screenie I made didn't have the mouse over the cd. Here's a better one..

Xrystal 05-03-12 06:41 AM

Ah there we go. Looks like its the wonderful viewport bug that is prevalent with the invis skin. try typing /nui viewport once or twice and see if it fixes the situation.

acheronia 05-03-12 06:52 AM

Yes and no.

Only if the black block is there, is the cd icon in the right place; but that makes it look crappy.

I've gone back to the core nUI. I saw else where on the forum that transparency is an issue, so I'll just have to do without!

Thank you so much for the help. :)

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