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reddrumjay 05-03-12 12:38 PM

MoP = nUI 6.0?
Scott, do you think 6.0 will launch with MoP, or are you just going to put a band-aid on 5?

Kurly 06-12-12 09:15 AM

I would also be interested in knowing this. If nUI won't be ready for MOP I need to start looking for alternatives NOW.


Nii 07-29-12 05:34 PM

At least put a bandaid on 5 because honestly I cant play wow with out nUi. it makes the game for me.

Xrystal 07-29-12 06:26 PM

haven't you been reading the thread where I've patched nUI so far to work on the beta. I haven't tested everything but I'll do my best to fix any more problems that may occur.

Rofl, so nice to be appreciated for the hard work I do to get nUI working for people.

Anyways, take a look at my addon links and you should see a nUI Lite version 5.07.24 that currently works with MoP and patch files for the Plus version. Scott has already told cairenn that he is working on getting nUI ready for the expansion. Whether that is version 6 or knowing that I will have fixed most of 5.0 by the time his internet is back in action I don't know yet.

If those that do dungeons and raids can do some quick tests or at least find some time to jump into a group with me so I can check for any other problems that would be a great help.

The only error I get now is beyond my control as it is to do with Blizzards Glyph UI and is affected by many addons and not just nUI. I know this as I disabled nUI and the same error occurred saying that Titan Panel was the cause.

reddrumjay 08-06-12 11:39 PM

Just to avoid confusion - someone necro'ed this thread. The OP was made 05-03-12, well before you started all your hard work. :)

Xrystal 08-07-12 01:19 AM

My apologies, I must have missed the original posting ... *grovels*

Kurly 08-23-12 12:35 PM

Thanks for all your hard work Xrystal. So I assume that the plan for upgrade is that next Tuesday night before I fire up 5.0.4, I need to click the link in your signature to download the MOP version, correct? I DO NOT want to download it early, correct?

Xrystal 08-23-12 01:23 PM

The link in my sig is for the beta. Once I know I have done all I can to have it working for the most part I'll post a proper patch update on the usual download page. Unless of course Scott gets back before then.

I must have been psychic when I booked my holiday next week so I am conveniently able to spend more time than usual on fixing any last minute stuff.

I have 2 accounts thinking of a third .. Hmm which reminds me the week is almost over .. So getting any grouping problems fixed will be that little bit easier if I can't find a friend online when I'm around to test things.

Kestrelon 09-15-12 09:12 PM


Originally Posted by Xrystal (Post 258981)

Rofl, so nice to be appreciated for the hard work I do to get nUI working for people.

I won't speak for everyone, but you are very much appreciated by me Xrystal! :) I've been a fan of nUI for many years now, and I hope for many years to come!!!

Much love for ya and ALL the members of the nUI team! :banana:

~ Kestrelon

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