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Thamarus 05-06-12 05:10 PM

Map going out of the UI
My minimap is going outside of the UI. It's only on my warlock. Every other character has it running fine. No different addons on my lock than my other.

Xrystal 05-07-12 01:54 AM

Hmm, that usually happens with a loading problem. It's unusual that it only happens on one toon. Does it always happen or occasionally ? If the former there must be an addon that activates just for your warlock that could be messing up with the loading order. The usual test is to turn off all addons and just have nUI running and gradually add your addons and see which one triggers the problem.

Thamarus 05-07-12 02:45 PM

Nope, happens every time, I'll do what you suggested and report back. :)

Edit ----------5:55 PM EST----------

All but NUI are off and it still doesn't work. :-/

Xrystal 05-08-12 12:33 AM

slaps head....

try this ..

/nui minimap

see if that helps. I have a strange feeling that at some point you tested out nui's control of the minimap with that command and forgot to reset it. I think thats the command to toggle the control from bottom center to top left.

Thamarus 05-13-12 09:56 AM

Haha, I feel so foolish. That fixed it. I don't remember ever toggling that, but I guess I must have at some point haha. Thank you! :)

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