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Neef 05-26-12 12:59 PM

LF Leveling addon/guide
I've come back after a hiatus and am rerolling a couple of characters.
I have also looked for a leveling guide and/or addon that, if followed, will help me reach 85 in a little game time as possible; New job and not as much free time as in the past. But, I'm having trouble distinguishing legit guides from the "sex leg" keylogger places.

I've always taken my time before and had no need for a quick-level guide, and thus don't know much about them.
A point in the general direction would be most appreciated. A point to one that's friendly to a Horde Clothie would warrant a hug. ^_^

TL,DR - Looking for a Legit and good quick-leveling guide.

Coote 05-26-12 02:41 PM

The only one I'm aware of that's free and has been updated for Cataclysm is WoW-Pro. With the quest changes, leveling guides aren't really necessary anymore, since the game pushes you in the right direction these days.

Seerah 05-26-12 08:37 PM

Welcome back, Neef!

As TMcMahon said, questing is fairly linear nowadays. There are a few random, side quests, but you can usually tell that they're not part of the main chain. Combined with the locations shown on the world map and minimap in the default UI and with the help of an addon such as TomTom to point you to the nearest quest area, you should be good to go. :)

/edit: some pointers... Make sure you are tracking your quests in the first place and right-click the header of the tracker to sort by proximity.

Fizzlemizz 05-26-12 09:16 PM

As the others say, no guide is really needed these days.

LightHeaded is still a good addon for in game information from WowHead for those quests where the what-to-do isn't obvious.

p3lim 05-26-12 09:57 PM

It might not be a guide addon, but it might help you level up faster.
And it's a promotion of my own shiznits :p

Neef 05-27-12 09:58 AM

Thanks to all for the input. I hadn't realized the extent of the questing changes in cataclysm. They really are streamlined! I will be giving a look to some of the quest helpers though. I've used Lightheaded in the past and liked it; and Monomyth seems to be well designed.

P.S. - Rez Scroll is kind of nice. Though I do feel a bit guilty for getting a "free" 80.

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