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Occissor 06-09-12 08:59 PM

Play debuffs no tooltip
ok, Ive had this issue for a very long time and finally decided to do something about it.
on my hud I have the player debuffs appear, yet when I mouse over it, it provides no information (which I really want to know what it is I have and what it is doing to me) Ive gone through a huge selection of the program, from hud to tooltips to this to that and a few others, really I would just like to be able to see what it is when I mouse over it, so more to the point just a way to turn the tooltip on I guess. tried mouse setting, owner setting, back to default, tried a bunch of stuff .

Xrystal 06-10-12 02:46 AM

By default they are not *interactive* so it doesn't affect mouse fighting space.

If you go into the folder in \Interface\AddOns\nUI\Layouts\Default\HUDLayouts for your Hud Layout and select the player file and look at the aura section. make sure the relevant elements are shown as enabled and I assume clickable to enable the mouse to be interactive over them and thus show the tooltips.

Occissor 06-10-12 10:03 AM

ok so I followed the path you listed Interface\Addons\Nui\Layouts\Default\HUDLayouts but when I get there I only have 4 files present. (HealthPower, NoBars, NoHUD, and PlayerTarget). Im not sure if there should be player files here or if I should be going into one of these individual folders, but looking into them I am just not seeing anything that might be able to solve the problem. Any further advice would be awesome! Also thank you for taking the time to look into this thus far.

Occissor 06-10-12 10:26 AM

nm I think I found what I was looking for, just had to dig alittle deeper. Thanks again.

*-* upon testing I didn't find it.... boo me! so yeah, ummm, if you feel like nudging a noob in the right direction would still be much appreciated.

Xrystal 06-10-12 02:05 PM

The ones you listed are folders that contain the files for that hud type. So, for instance, if you use the Player/Target hud type you want to open the player file inside the PlayerTarget folder. If you use the Health/Power hud then you would open the appropriate file inside the Health/Power folder.

The files are text format files so notepad is enough to make the changes. Just do a reload of the UI after you have made your change and you should *crosses fingers* see the difference.

If all else fails, take a look at this thread which is more in depth in its explanation.

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