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ranmawillar 06-20-12 05:37 PM

a question
my character is a blood elf paladin and she got this thing in the center of her HUD when she reached lvl 9, how i move it? or at least, how i reach the nUI options window?

Xrystal 06-20-12 11:34 PM

define *thing*.

There are several things that appear in the center of the screen and its possible they appeared due to the level you have reached and your new found abilities. Send us a screen shot so it will explain what you are talking about.

In brief though, the center of the screen contains the hud which has 4 settings (Player/Target, Health/Power, Simple, NoHud) which are toggleable from the Hud red button at the top. Around this hud will be your debuffs ( left hand side) and your targets debuffs ( right hand side) . What may have happened though is that when you hit level 9 your special power bar appeared which fills and empties based on your holy power usage. It can be moved to a more useful place using nUIs /nui movers system. so type that, move the item and type it again to set it in place.

Hope that helps you.

ranmawillar 06-21-12 09:31 AM

ty that helped alot

Xrystal 06-21-12 04:45 PM

Ooops, the right hand side of the hud are the targets buffs not debuffs. The easiest way to remember which is which is by thinking to yourself, bottom auras good ( bottom left = player buffs, bottom right = target debuffs ) and hud auras bad ( hud left = player debuffs, hud right = target buffs)

What I forgot to add as well is that your cooldown bar appears there as well under ( hopefully ) the hud and your cast bar if you have one.

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