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rudemaster 07-02-12 08:40 PM

Misspelled function in the API?
Am trying to Hotfix some of the simpler addons and have run into this error multiple times.

Message: ..\AddOns\_NPCScan\_NPCScan.lua line 231:
Usage: GetAchievementCrieriaInfo(achievementID, criteriaIndex)
......................................^ T missing
Notice the Misspelling? is that in the API? I get the error to change Go away if I change it to the misspelled version..

Ketho 07-02-12 09:27 PM

I'm not sure what arguments _NPCScan is passing to it, but GetAchievementCriteriaInfo() will return the same mispelled error on Live, if that means anything

Phanx 07-03-12 02:24 AM

It's a typo in the usage error text, not the function name. Also, the error is probably occurring because the GetAchievementCriteriaInfo function has been split into two functions that take different arguments. See:

Speaking of typos, however, whoever named the NUM_LE_LFG_CATEGORYS constant (which doesn't seem to be defined anywhere) needs to learn how to spell. :mad:

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