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CClassiquee 07-05-12 09:13 AM

Need Feedback (2)
I've changed some things, and I'd love to know what you guys think of my UI now. :D

Othgar 07-05-12 09:18 AM

I think it looks pretty good overall. However the ToT frame seems too compressed and the Name and health percent is over lapping a little. Maybe ditching the portrait for that frame and making the health bar a little bigger would help.

jeffy162 07-05-12 09:42 AM

I think I would make the UF above your action bars the same height as the other UF's so the information isn't overlapping. Doing what Othgar suggested would also work very nicely.

The other thing that jumps out at me is the panel behind your action bars. That panel could be centered better on your bars. The way it is now, it's a little to the left and maybe a bit lower than it should be.

However, it is your UI, and if it looks good to you, and it works well for you, that's really all that counts.

CClassiquee 07-06-12 08:15 AM

Thanks!! I will make it right this afternoon. :D:D

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